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Who is your inspiration?

Clara's love of music started at the very young age of 5 when she watched Liberace play on the Ed Sullivan Show on television. She knew immediately that she wanted to play the piano. She has never looked back.

  • Qualified

    Clara Margaret Czegeny, Director/ RCM Certified, OCT, BA, Bed, HBA, MCT

  • Dedicated

    Clara has successfully taught piano students of all ages and levels for over 30 years. An educator by profession, she loves to share her passion and love of music through a music academy.  ClaraShe provides a premium service with virtual and in-person lessons. She accepts all levels - RCM Elementary and Intermediate (Grades Prep A to 10)


Meet our Highly Trained and Experienced Instructors

Highly trained and experienced piano teachers All of our piano teachers have RCM qualifications,
Bachelor of Music degrees or other specialized piano performance and teaching qualifications. Our teachers not only have ample experience as piano teachers, but also as performers, composers, and recording artists.


Lucy VanDyk Elzinga has maintained a professional career as a private Violin teacher for 24 years. Lucy joined the Academy in 2016 and all of her students excel under her passionate and caring teaching style.

Piano, Guitar, Violin, Cello, Drums

Dan Taylor has been teaching music for 25 years, primarily piano and guitar. He is originally from Hamilton, Ontario, where he studied piano performance at
McMaster University with teachers Ken Gee and Alla Zachiarelli. Dan joined the academy in 2018.


Evangeline Czegeny Mackell has been playing the piano since she was 3. (Her mother is Clara Czegeny, Director). Her level of passion and enthusiasm for teaching young students is remarkable. Evangeline has taught piano to her two talented sons since they were 2 years old.

Develop Your Talent!

Explore your musical interests and develop your natural talent as a music teacher.  We inspire music education by matching you with teachers who will educate, inspire, motivate and enhance your overall musical experience. Working with students at all levels, we will help you achieve your goals while nurturing a lifelong love of music.

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