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Clara's love of music started at the very young age of 5 when she watched Liberace play on the Ed
Sullivan Show on television. She knew immediately that she wanted to play the piano. Liberace
displayed such an incredible talent along with a flamboyant and glamorous persona that she fell in
love with it all!  Clara's parents invested in an old player piano from nearby Gobels Auction in
Princeton, Ontario and she immediately started taking private piano instruction which she continued
until the age of 18 years. As soon as she passed her RCM exams, she immediately started teaching
piano to a multitude of students.

At age 12, Clara entered a talent contest at her church and was asked to consider helping out as the
accompanist for the youth department, Sunday School and Sunday services. With passion and
enthusiasm, Clara flourished as accompanist and continued on sharing in a number of churches in
Ontario and Alberta for over 15 years. She had the privilege of playing piano for various youth
concerts, talent competitions, television productions, weddings, church events, funerals and

Clara has successfully taught piano students of all ages and levels for over 30 years. An educator by
profession, she feels that now is the time to share her passion and love of music through a music
academy. She provides a premium service with her IN-HOME PIANO AND THEORY LESSONS and
welcomes all levels of students
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Meet Our Talented and Gifted Teachers
Clara Margaret
Czegeny, Director/
RCT, OCT, BA, Bed,

Dan Taylor has been teaching music for 25 years, primarily piano and guitar. He
is originally from Hamilton, Ontario, where he studied piano performance at
McMaster University with teachers Ken Gee and Alla Zachiarelli.

Dan also has played in many performing bands in Brantford and Brant County.
He is currently performing publicly in the rock group 'Sivle', and teaches more
than 50 lessons per week to students of all ages and abilities.

Dan joined the Paris Academy of Music in the Winter of 2020 and his students
are all enjoying his passionate and caring teaching style. All beginners,
intermediate and senior students welcomed in Dan's Brantford studio.

Lucy VanDyk Elzinga has maintained a professional career as a private VIOLIN
teacher for 24 years and directing orchestra and band for over 10 years. Lucy enjoys
performing at weddings and other events. It continues to be a wonderful, rewarding
and enriching experience.

Lucy prides herself in working with students at their pace, but always giving that
little push to keep students moving forward and to achieve their optimum ability.

Lucy joined the Academy in 2016 and all of her students excel under her passionate
and caring teaching style. She welcomes new students to online lessons from her St.
George Studio where she offers all levels of  Violin.
Lucy Elzinga, VIOLIN
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Daniel Taylor, GUITAR,