Paris Academy of
Fall in Love with Music - one note at a time!
was established to become a state of the art, customized Music Academy that
taught piano lessons as well as a full range of orchestral instruments, within a full
comprehensive program for all ages, both children and adults.

On January 5, 2015, the Paris Academy of Music from Paris, Ontario, officially
opened its doors. Almost immediately, Clara’s schedule started to fill up with eager
beginners from Brantford, Paris and Glen Morris.  The Academy happily reports 70
registered students to date which include babies, toddlers, preschoolers and
school aged children from ages 5 to 8 as well as several adult students who
missed the opportunity of taking lessons as children and now have the time to
devote to something extremely rewarding and enjoyable.

Born in the historic city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Clara's musical curiously
began at the very young age of five. She eagerly watched Liberace performing on
the Ed Sullivan Show on television that her parents were watching one Sunday
evening after church.  She knew immediately that the piano was the instrument she
wanted to learn to play. His flamboyant style and flair captivated Clara's heart and
she aspired to learn to play like him. Throughout her life, she never wavered from
her dream and stayed on course. Her passion for music continued to grow and

Clara found herself diligently continuing with formal Classical music lessons, but
really loved the music that came from the boisterous choirs and congregation at
their church. With an gifted "Hungarian Gypsy" ear for picking up and recognizing
melodies, she found herself matching sounds and chords and by the age of 14,
ended up playing weekly on the Music Worship Team as Lead Pianist at her
church.  Clara continued in that path as accompanist for over 15 years. In addition
to faith-based repertoire, she also loves all genres of music to perform with
various youth concerts, talent competitions, television productions, weddings,
church events, funerals and dedications.

Clara's artistic sensitivity, coupled with her passion for music are a perfect
compliment to her professional background and experience.
She has and continues to entertain at weddings, special occasions and family
gatherings. She volunteered at Brantwood Community Centre, Brantford, On for
several years playing every Monday night to bring a breath of musically fresh air to
clients who attend a one hour session to hear her play. Her substantial repertoire
lists includes classical showpieces, contemporary, show tunes, movie themes,
modern and pop in addition to her first love - the gospel hymns.

Our talented and gifted music teachers integrate; keyboard, ear training, sight
reading, rhythm, music theory and music composition into every lesson.

Our director possess more than 18 years education and curriculum development
experience and stringent teacher accreditation for superior parent satisfaction.


Currently, we are established to teach private lessons in: piano, theory, guitar,
drums, violin, voice, saxophone, clarinet, harp, cello and flute.
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